Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is JamLister?

JamLister is a desktop platform that connects artists and playlist curators (“playlisters”) on Spotify, allowing for artists to promote their music and potentially increase their organic traction through popular Spotify playlists. Artists can purchase credits through the system and send their tracks out individually for review to hundreds of different playlist curators. JamLister is ideal for artists of all types and budgets!

Is JamLister Secure?

Yes, JamLister uses the https:// protocol and leverages oAuth authentication to connect to third-party services like Twitter and Spotify. oAuth is an industry standard to connect to third-party sites which issue tokens instead of providing us with passwords and other personal information on those services. This means that we can’t access or impersonate your third-party accounts. As for conducting secure transactions, we use Square and Paypal to process credit card transactions securely.

What are Playlisters and Artists?

“Playlisters” are users who curate playlists on Spotify. Artists are any users who have music uploaded to Spotify.

JamLister does NOT currently support any other streaming platforms besides Spotify.

What does the follower count on the home page represent?

The follower count provides artists with an idea of our collective reach on the platform when accounting for all playlist followers registered to the marketplace. However, JamLister focuses on artists who are looking for targeted playlists with high engagement by providing comprehensive algorithms matching an artists’ music to the most relevant playlists to submit to.

Our platform features playlists from 500 followers all the way up to bigger ones with hundreds of thousands of followers, although most tend to fall between the 1,000-10,000-follower range. The playlisters and followers on the platform are spread out all over the world. JamLister is ideal for artists who want to promote their music at both a small and large scale.

Does JamLister offer mobile support?

Currently, JamLister does not offer mobile support. However, a mobile version is in the works and will be completed.

Artist FAQ

How do I register as an artist?

To register as an artist, simply follow the required steps on the JamLister homepage. Select the option “artist” and enter your artist name. You will then have the option of entering your Twitter information to participate in the Sponsored Tweets program. After that, you will register to JamLister with your email and password. Your email will be the primary key used to identify your JamLister account. Please note that you must have your music uploaded to Spotify prior to registration on the website.

What are Sponsored Tweets? Why is Twitter authentication necessary?

Sponsored Tweets is a feature planned for future release where artists will be able to earn money by promoting playlists and other artists on Twitter.

On the other side, playlisters will be able to promote their playlists via artists and social media influencers on Twitter. Twitter Authentication is required to be able to connect your Twitter to the platform.

Is Spotify authentication required for artists?

No, Spotify authentication is not required for artists. This means that you can create multiple JamLister accounts for any given artist.

I am a label/manager and have multiple artists I want to promote. What can I do?

If you are a label/manager and have multiple artists to promote, you will have to create a JamLister account for each artist that you are promoting.

In the future, we will add a “label” option to promote multiple artists from one JamLister account.

What is the artist dashboard?

The artist dashboard is the portal that is visible to users who register to JamLister with an artist account. With our unique indexing technology, we are able to match artists’ music to relevant playlists to submit to (“suggested playlists”). In addition to that, artists are able to view the most popular, recently added, and recently updated playlists on JamLister. Artists can view their Spotify catalogue via the artist dashboard and choose a song to promote. In addition, the artist dashboard allows artists to view submissions and reviews posted by playlisters.

What are the "suggested playlists”?

The “suggested playlists” are playlists that are recommended to a particular artist based on our unique indexing technology that does an analysis of the metrics and generates suggestions for relevant playlists that artists should submit to.

What types of filters are available within the artist dashboard?

There are several filters that are available within the artist dashboard when searching for playlists. These include: Genre, # of Followers, Date Last Updated, and # of Songs.

What are credits? How do I submit to playlists for review?

Credits are JamLister’s in-house currency. There are several credit packages available for purchase via the artist dashboard. The most basic option starts at just $10, while the bigger credit packages provide higher values and greater savings. Credits never expire and are used to make submissions and access other promotional programs within the platform.

How do I submit to playlists for review?

To submit to playlists for reviews, simply hover over any playlist that you are interested in and click the button to select it. You can submit any track to multiple playlists at once.

I submitted a track to playlist(s)? What now?

Upon submission to a playlist, the playlister to whom you submitted your track to will have a period of 48 hours to review the song. If a playlister does not complete his review within the 48 hour time frame, the artist will be refunded for the credits that were spent towards that review.

Does JamLister guarantee placements to submitted playlists?

JamLister does not guarantee placements to submitted playlists. What we do guarantee is that you will receive review/feedback from the playlisters to whom you submitted, or your credits back. Playlist additions are entirely at the discretion of each individual playlister.

Playlister FAQ

Who are playlisters?

“Playlisters” are any users who curate playlists on Spotify.

How do I register as a playlister?

To register as a playlister, follow the steps on the JamLister home page. Go to “Get Started” and click on “Playlisters”. You will first be required to authenticate your Spotify account, and then you will proceed to register to JamLister with a newly created username/password. After that, your playlists will be indexed, which may take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how many playlists need to be indexed. When this process is complete, you will be able to access the playlister dashboard.

What if I have multiple Spotify accounts?

If you have playlist(s) with at least 500 followers and would like them added to the JamLister marketplace, you must authenticate with the user where those playlists are located, otherwise we will not be able to index them.

What is the minimum number of followers for a playlist to be eligible to enter the JamLister marketplace?

You must have a minimum number of 500 followers on a playlist to be eligible to enter the JamLister marketplace. Playlist eligibility for a marketplace is on an individual basis, so each playlist that you want added to the marketplace must have a minimum number of 500 followers.

What is Spotify authentication? What is the difference between that and a JamLister account?

Spotify authentication is required for JamLister to be able to analyze the data/metrics on your playlist, and for users to be able to manage their playlists directly from JamLister. Authenticating through Spotify does not mean we have your credentials because we use oAuth2, an industry standard to connect to third party services. A JamLister account is created on the website and is not the same as your Spotify account.

Does JamLister save any personal account information or passwords of my Spotify account?

No, JamLister does not save any personal account information or passwords of your Spotify account. We use oAuth2 authentication, which provides us with tokens instead of personal account information.

What is the Playlister Dashboard?

The Playlister Dashboard is what playlisters see when they are logged into JamLister. Playlisters can click on each specific playlist and view musical metrics based on each individual playlist’s catalogue. In addition, they can review submissions or promote their playlists all from their dashboard.

What are the Playlister Metrics?

The Playlister Metrics are a measure of musical elements within a playlist based on its catalogue. Our indexing technology also qualifies your playlists by a number of different metrics associated to the songs and artists you include in your playlists.

What are the other features available on the Playlister Dashboard?

Other features available on the Playlister Dashboard include the ability to re-organize a playlist in real-time based on unique filters (Original Order, Date Added, Popularity, Artist Name, Song Name, Shuffle), and the ability to receive suggestions of relevant songs to add to a playlist based on our indexing technology.

I just registered as a playlister and my playlists are not showing up on JamLister yet. What’s the problem?

If you have just registered as a playlister and your playlists are not yet showing up on JamLister, this might mean that your playlists are still being indexed. This process may take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how many playlists need to be indexed. This process occurs because each playlist produces thousands of metrics we use to match artists to playlists and make the submission process more accurate and effective.

What is the “Generate Direct URL” button for?

The “Generate Direct URL” button serves to generate a direct URL for any playlist that is on the marketplace. Each playlist will be assigned a unique ID within JamLister and when an artist accesses the service using that ID a preference will be given to that playlist and its playlister in the artist dashboard. JamLister automatically generates this ID and combines it with your existing Spotify playlist description. You do not need to edit your playlist information on Spotify.

How do I know that I have received a submission? What is the review process like?

You will know that you have received a submission because there will be a button that will appear on the top right of your playlister dashboard with the text “Review Submissions”. You will also receive an email notification regarding a submission to your registered JamLister email.

The review process is very simple. As a playlister, you will first be required to listen to the track for a minimum of 30 seconds. Once that step is complete, you will rate the track based on a few different qualitative aspects (Production, Instrumental, Vocal Work, Overall), with the option to add additional comments if you so choose. You will then indicate whether you are interested in adding the track to your playlist.